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I write, speak and comment in the press on topics around leadership, marketing and business. Here are some examples of podcasts I’ve done, some profile pieces on me and of articles I’ve written.

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What the future CMO role will be – The Raconteur Times

Perhaps we should feel sorry for the future chief marketing officer (CMO). The exponential knowledge growth in the marketing world, the explosion of potential tools will continue to increase in complexity and choice. And any senior marketer needs to take calculated risks to succeed, to be different, distinctive and dynamic, which can be personally challenging. […]

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How the World’s Best Leaders Lead with Speed – Uncensored CMO

Sophie is the CEO of The Marketing Society and the author of Superfast: Lead at Speed, in which she offers insight into energy management, purposeful leadership, and keeping pace with breakneck innovation. She is also a passionate advocate of flex work as the future of effective companies, and regularly speaks about innovative approaches to balance business […]

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Why data & creativity can make marketing more effective – Fast Company

Is marketing the ultimate manifestation of creativity and strategy coming together to achieve business success? The science of marketing is a perpetual cycle of examining and adapting. In a digitized and data-deluged world, gauging the psychological, emotional, and behavioral factors that impact consumer decision-making is tricky. According to Sophie Devonshire, CEO of The Marketing Society, […]

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Slow down to think – The Scotsman

Slow down to think and build relationships in this superfast business world. Anyone in a leadership role in business over the last few years has experienced the pressure to increase the pace as we emerge from a decade of disruption. Game-changing tech advances have driven it, and an ‘epidemic of impatience’ the result. The hot […]

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Leading the Renaissance – Marketing Leaders Role For Growth

The Ancient Greeks had two words for the concept of time. ‘Chronos’ was for time as we know it; the ‘chronological’ implications of ticking clocks and passing days. The second word ‘kairos’ connotes the right, significant point for action; the opportune moment when everything comes together. Great commercial leaders have always known that in business […]

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Shaping The Future Of Marketing – Genuine Humans

Sophie Devonshire’s had extensive experience in business, which she’s distilled into two books – Superfast and LoveWork (which she co-authored with Ben Renshaw). Sophie wants to show people that business can be a force for good and have a positive impact on society. Listen to the podcast here.

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Business Books with Lessons from Parenting – Medium

Having children can be excellent for your career. I am fully aware there are plenty of parents (women particularly) who might raise an eyebrow at this or even laugh out loud and there’s no doubt parenthood can make things complicated. Nonetheless, in my experience and from what I’ve seen of business men and women who […]

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