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Keynote Speaker & Event Host: What people say about Sophie

“Sophie is an inspirational speaker but, importantly, she offers practical insight that people can apply in their everyday lives. Sophie Devonshire literally glows with warmth, intelligence and enthusiasm; always illuminating and with pitch perfect delivery.”
Alex Evans, Managing Director, TalINt INernational
“She not only inspired us to think differently, she provided simple, yet practical ways to apply the learnings to make a difference. Sophie is an engaging, insightful, and inspirational speaker and shared a broad range of excellent and practical examples which improved the culture, speed, and efficiency of my organization to deliver results faster. She helped my business, my organization, and me personally.”
Mike Chaney, Vice-President, Gillette
‘I would highly recommend Sophie for key note speaking slots and her business insights in general. It was a pleasure having Sophie speak at our UK partnership summit. Sophie is a true professional. She was very positive, energetic and engaging. She did very well to understand our needs and flex her approach. Specifically, for us, she spoke very well about modern leadership, brand leadership and how to lead with speed. '
Suzanne Liversidge, Managing Partner, Kennedys
“In a limited time and to a large and varied audience at our European Team Conference, Sophie landed both the theory and practical advice on how we can speed up what we do in teams and as individuals. Sophie brought terrific energy and insight to the current challenge teams face of doing MORE, with LESS and MUCH FASTER. A great experience working with her. Bravo!”
Alex Davison, MD at L'Oreal
“Sophie connected with the audience immediately at our Global Summit and held them in rapt attention through her workshop and her storyelling and expertise leading a panel on “Demystifying Unicorns” was dynamic, relevant and accessible.”
Riacrdo Martins, General Manager, CEGOC
“Sophie was a great host for our company conference. Her natural inquisitive style was great in eliciting exactly what we were looking for. Sophie delivered a brilliant story-telling session, energising the 150+ people in the room, matching the theme with some practical steps and thought provoking calls to action.’ Travelopia Human Resources Director
K. Mander, HR Director, Travelopia
“Inspiring, insightful, humorous and humble – I’ve had such positive feedback from all levels of our business. She really helped to open up our eyes to simple techniques we could apply day-to-day when dealing with change and complexity.”
Chief People and Operations Director, C Space
“A high-octane, thought-provoking speech packed with pragmatic actions. Sophie gave a high-octane, thought-provoking speech on the need to lead at speed, packed with pragmatic actions leaders can deploy to stay ahead of an ever-accelerating change curve.”
Lee Hodgkinson, CEO, OSTC

Bestselling Business Book Author

‘Superfast: Lead at Speed’ was Sophie’s first book. Shortlisted for Best Leadership Book at the Business Book Awards, it was an Amazon no.1 bestseller. Here’s what people have said:

“Leading at speed is essential in a world of accelerating change, complexity and uncertainty. When the one thing you're sure of is that things will change, the way we lead people has to change too.”
Matt Brittin EMEA President, Google
“Sometimes you need to go slow to go fast. If you want to avoid running at 100 mph in completely the wrong direction, this book will help kickstart your thinking."
Sarah Wood Chair and Co-Founder Unruly
“A really good read for anyone who wants to get an edge. . If you are a business leader.... read at speed, and learn the lessons before your competitors do!”
James Fairclough, CEO AA Cars
"Sophie Devonshire is a self-professed "acceleration addict" who is reaching out to like-minded readers who want to see their businesses grow at supersonic rates. She's seen the frustration of leaders whose enterprises don't match the fast pace of today's business environment, and is here to help with tools that will light a fire under teams and organizations. If your business feels like it's moving at a turtle's pace, try SUPERFAST -- it will bring you up to speed.”
Daniel Pink, author of DRIVE
‘To succeed in today's fast changing environment, leaders need to better balance agility with resilience. Purpose and pace are required requisites. Superfast:Lead at Speed will help you do this’
Paul Polman, co-founder Imagine and former Global CEO, Unilever
“How leaders survive (and more importantly thrive) in this environment is the topic of Sophie Devonshire’s new book Superfast: Lead at Speed. The unusual blend of strategic, practical and personal makes this book relevant to a much broader audience than typical books in this genre and provides an interesting perspective on much discussed phenomenon. As the author herself says “think slow but move fast”.
Dr Alex Bazin, Vice President – Global Connected Services, Fujitsu
‘An eloquent and much-needed reminder that leaders are pace-setters, and that it is the hallmark of a truly human company to have many paces. ‘
Tim Leberecht, CEO and Author of The Business Romantic
“I’ve known Sophie for a long time. She is a remarkable talent, and its no surprise to me that she has broken into the overly male dominated sector of business books. She is blazing an important trail, and she is doing so with a book that will help any leader succeed in today’s world. The big no longer eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow, and if you can’t lead at speed, you won’t lead for long in todays world.”
Gary Coombe, President, Global Grooming Procter & Gamble
Although the world is spinning at the same daily speed, everything on it is moving a lot faster than it did even a few years ago. Buckle your seatbelt, and get ready to understand how to lead at speed".
Will King, Founder King of Shaves

Sophie’s second book ‘LoveWork: The Seven Steps to Thrive in Business’ was co-authored with global CEO coach Ben Renshaw

‘A proven methodology for discovering or recovering the work you love’
Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School
“Loving your work provides fulfilment and meaning. Taking the steps in LoveWork will drive you in the right direction.”
Angela Brav’ President, Hertz International
"If you dread Mondays, if work is a chore, YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. It doesn't have to be like that. Indeed, it shouldn't. The case studies alone are incredibly helpful... so many stories of people who have turned it around - and you can too. And if you're a business leader, use LoveWork to create an organisation where people are happy and fulfilled."
Greg Jackson, CEO Octopus Energy
“Follow the LoveWork code to unlock your potential and exceed expectations at work.”
John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive Officer Heathrow
“Work provides an important opportunity to leave things in a better place and ready for the next generation. LoveWork will inspire you to do this and more.”
Wim Dejonghe, Senior Partner, Allen & Overy LLP
“Doing what you love is about your head, heart and guts. In LoveWork the authors take readers on a powerful journey drawing upon all three faculties to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.”
David Woodward, former Executive Vice President, President and CEO at Heinz Europe, Founder and CEO of Woodward Leadership LTD
“I believe in a life of service and making a difference in the world. Let LoveWork inspire you to do both”
Renée Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic & Beluga Bean
"Don't chase a title, or the money. Chase the work you love and let LoveWork show you how."
Keith Barr, Chief Executive Officer, InterContinental Hotels Group

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"Highly relevant impactful and fabulous"
Brendan Barns, Founder, London Business Forum