What the future CMO role will be – The Raconteur Times

Perhaps we should feel sorry for the future chief marketing officer (CMO). The exponential knowledge growth in the marketing world, the explosion of potential tools will continue to increase in complexity and choice. And any senior marketer needs to take calculated risks to succeed, to be different, distinctive and dynamic, which can be personally challenging.

However, perhaps the future CMO could take inspiration from one of the most interesting entrepreneurs in history. The widow Veuve Clicquot was a tiny, 4½ft woman who transformed the world of champagne with game-changing technological and marketing innovations, while wrangling widowhood, war and immense social disapprobation.

Towards the end of her life, she wrote to her granddaughter with some advice: “The world is in perpetual motion and we must invent the things of tomorrow… act with audacity.”

As we look to the future CMO nearly 200 years later, we operate in a business world which has been moving at a super-fast rate for over a decade. Technology layering on technology leads to exponential growth and opportunities which can be overwhelming. Curve balls hit, personal, political, pandemic-related.

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